Harry Winston

About The Project

Step into the enchanting world of the Winston Maze Garden tea party, where the extraordinary comes to life and celebrates the most radiant moments of spring. Delight in a mesmerizing journey through bejeweled blooms and captivating surprises that merge fantasy with familiarity.


To bring this vision to reality, Eevolver joined forces with Industrial Color and embraced the challenge with unwavering dedication to detail. We carefully integrated traditional and real-time workflows to create a blend of relatable yet fantastical elements. Our goal was to craft unique environments that defied gravity and perspective, while keeping the spotlight on the exquisite jewelry with seamless photo-realistic integration.


This project presented unique challenges due to the high-resolution requirements and tight schedule. To overcome these hurdles, we leveraged the latest production technologies. Our team devised a custom pipeline that allowed for efficient rendering at low resolution, incorporating textures, lighting, and color. This enabled our clients to provide accurate feedback swiftly, while also optimizing our hi-resolution 3D renders for maximum impact.

Our team meticulously developed a distinctive look for the garden tea party. Our artists crafted a series of over 22 visually stunning images, showcasing the “bejeweled blooms” that embody the essence of spring. By employing an array of digital techniques and artistry, we ensured every detail was brought to life with precision and grace.


Harry Winston


Harry Winston