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About The Project

Eevolver, Inc., a world-class production studio based in Los Angeles, CA, was commissioned by Industrial Color to reimagine the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo Bears for the 2021 fragrance campaign. The company used Unreal’s new fur features to bring the bears to life.

For the 2021 holiday campaign, Eevolver was tasked with taking the iconic Polo Bears, along with a new friend bear, on a journey from the Ralph Lauren flagship store in NYC, through the enchantment of Central Park, the snowy streets of London, Paris’s Eiffel Tower, and culminating their journey with the bustling skyline of Shanghai, before returning to NYC. Eevolver started by building on previous campaigns and integrating the newest real-time technologies to bring the furred bears to life.

Stacy Burstin, President of Eevolver, said, “The biggest achievement on the project was using the newest in real-time fur techniques. We started with our traditional pipeline, using Maya/Houdini and then integrated Unreal’s new fur features, which completely changed the potential of the production. The quality of fur we were able to create using Unreal Engine’s new hair and fur rendering. This tool made it possible to have film-quality fur on multiple Bears animating in one scene. This would have previously been an enormous time-consuming render undertaking.”

While creating this iconic spot, the focus was to build upon the previous campaigns, while integrating a modern style. The Eevolver team achieved both through the story and the approach to the production by integrating the newest real-time technologies to bring the furred bears to life.


The team combined Unreal’s technology with motion capture and keyframe animation. Each scene was fully built in 3D, so it can be seen from all angles in context with the lighting, textures, fx, and animation.

“It makes animation much more like a live-action set, where we can move the camera to any location. Additionally, we could visualize and edit the entire spot on a single timeline in real-time, which is powerful because it gives the director much more freedom to quickly explore the best way to tell the story,” Burstin said.

While the bears had to feel like stuffed animals, there was much more action in this year’s spot. To modernize and bring a more lifelike appearance to the bears as they traveled the world, Eevolver’s team developed a hybrid look for the bears that combined both motion capture and keyframe animation.

To watch the story of the 2021 Ralph Lauren bears brought to life with Unreal technology, click here.



Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren