About The Project

Presenting a fusion of artistry and emotion, this captivating campaign is the result of a creative collaboration between Ogilvy Health, Illusion’s art and Eevolver’s CGI. Through the skillful application of VFX, it masterfully unveils the surreal nature of a tumor and its far-reaching tendrils.

Blending live action with CGI, Eevolver’s team accomplished a visually stunning outcome, seamlessly integrating the photo illustrative CGI elements within a realistic environment.

To complete this animation, Eevolver incorporated custom music and compelling voice-over, further enhancing the story. Every CGI element has been carefully crafted to deliver powerful and evocative imagery that resonates with the audience.

The campaign represents the convergence of art and technology, brought to life by the collaboration between Ogilvy Health, Illusion, and Evolver.


The tendrils of the tumor are created by 3D models and simulations that pulse, as they twist and turn. The final imagery is rendered with meticulous attention to detail.

Eevolver teamed up with Olgivy’s Director and Creative team to prepare for the CGI by digitally capturing data on set, scanning library of images to replicate in 3D. Our LIDAR team digitally scanned the set, along with key elements that would be interacting with the CGI tendril. These CGI elements were used as a base, including recreating parts of the set, allowing the tendril to have seamless interaction with objects, like the cup, frame and t-shirt. The animation was based on the print as which won a Gold in the New York Festival Health Awards


Individual looping sequences supported a 30-second animation that can be previewed here.