About The Project

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Sephora, Evolver has brought to life the illustrious “Sephora Ribbon Campaign” through full CGI production, featuring iconic perfumes that are synonymous with luxury and distinction. Our series of animations for these exceptional fragrance products embody the same elegance and beauty that they exude.

The campaign’s objective was to create a CGI ribbon with animation that possesses a captivating and organic quality of movement. Leveraging the forefront of CGI technology, our team of skilled artists dedicated themselves to meticulously crafting CGI fragrance bottles. With attention to detail and a commitment to lifelike textures, Eevolver has created visually stunning 3D representations of each perfume bottle, that evoke an undeniable sense of allure and elegance.

Immerse yourself in a world where the digital realm meets the realm of fragrant sophistication. Experience the artistry of our CGI animations, meticulously designed to capture the essence and mystique of these renowned perfumes. The Sephora Ribbon Campaign sets a new standard in showcasing fragrance products, inviting you to indulge in the visual splendor that echoes the luxurious experience of these esteemed scents.


Creating photorealistic CGI ribbon is complex; it needs to embody the semi-shiny fabric and edge texture. The simulation had to feel natural while moving unnaturally, maintaining the volume, and the expression of the motion while it moves.

Fueled by inertia, the continuous movement and dynamic animation of the CGI ribbon seamlessly interacts with the products. The continuous transition from frame to frame to maintains the fluidity and motion of the ribbons.

Each bottle was created in CGI. With meticulous attention to detail, Eevolver built each bottle and lit them to accentuate key their features.

The complexity of refraction of glass over a colored background and maintaining the brands Juice colors was a challenge and further complicated by having multiple products animating in each shot. multiple points of refracted glass and bounce reflections so lighting and shadow variance played an even more integral role in conveying photo-realism for these stills. Bottle refraction, gentle motion, imperfect textures and constant opposing light and shadow reflections all provide for the ultimate in photo-realism. Realistic animation that gives it an organic quality of movement.