Production Services and Production Supervision

Production Services

Eevolver provides full pre and post production services as well as hands-on experienced supervision to consult and support a production. Our team has extensive experience working on both large and small productions for the film, special venue, game and advertising industries.

Production Supervision

• Eevolver’s experienced supervision team is able to scale, based on projects needs. This includes hands-on creative and technical support to insure that the approved look and overall quality are maintained throughout the production – this includes look-development, animation, lighting, compositing etc. Our team insures the continuity of the Directors vision while maintaining the budget and schedule.

• Eevolver’s Team works with facilities both in the US and Internally.

• Production Facility Recommendation: Based on the final look/feel of the project, Eevolver help to evaluate and recommend the appropriate FX/animation facility to do the work. The facility would be selected based on their expertise combined with the cost, type of work, tax incentives, and rebates, and the facility(s) strengths, etc. The facility will have the track record and a working relationship with Eevolver, to guarantee their work.

• Production and Supervision Services
o Story/pre-visualization
o Visual development/Pre-Production
o 3D asset build and look development
o VFX Bid/schedule
o Production Design
o Pipeline Integration
o Digital Archive
o Production Management