IT solutions are diverse in scale, function, and cost. So why is it that so many IT consultants and vendors recommend the same systems to both the 500-person manufacturing client and the 5- person e-commerce startup? Your company has its own unique DNA – industry, size, budget, technical aptitude, and more. It’s time to throw cookie cutter IT advice out the window. It’s time to eevolveIT.

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eevolve your IT strategy

Do you know how the IT decisions you make today will impact your business next year? Successfully balancing your IT needs of the present with a roadmap for the future will keep upfront costs low, maximize returns on your investment in technology, and prepare you for all the what-if scenarios that a growing business encounters. So go all out for that important new business. Sign that huge account that requires you to double your employee headcount. And let us help you be prepared for all those IT needs you’re not thinking about – workstations, servers, disk capacity, network bandwidth, software licensing, and so much more.

eevolve your IT support

Here’s something you already know – computer problems hurt your company’s efficiency. In a startup or small business, the effect is magnified. One employee in a 20-person company represents 5% of your workforce. As a small business, you’re already operating at redline. You’re trying desperately to meet a tight deadline and expecting great things from every member of your team. Don’t let an IT issue derail your meticulously planned (and let’s face it, optimistic!) schedule. With eevolveIT, there’s no waiting for the “guy in his garage that a friend of a friend recommended” to respond to your frantic emails, texts, and voicemails. Our quick response times, remote support capabilities, and years of IT experience will help you keep your edge over the competition and free you up to worry about the big picture.

  • Managed Services that fit your company’s needs
  • Affordable budgets
  • Realistic strategies with clear milestones
  • Less downtime
  • Unlimited support


  • Managed Services
  • Shared Storage Solutions
  • Integrated Security Solutions
  • Help Desk Support
  • Servers & Virtualization
  • File-Based Workflow Solutions
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Backup & Business Continuity

eevolve your IT knowledge

As the old adage goes, it’s better to be taught how to fish than to be given one. If you’ve ever had to call your IT guy and say, “It’s happening again, fix it”, then you understand the value of adding to your in-house knowledge base. In addition to always striving to resolve the root cause of IT issues to prevent recurring problems, we specialize in providing written training material and step-by-step guidance. Maybe you’d like your Office Manager to be able to solve common problems without us, or you have a great idea to spice up your presentations but don’t know which menu the option is hidden within. eevolveIT is your IT teacher, mentor, and ally. And if you prefer the metaphorical fish to be prepared to perfection without knowing the “how,” we’re happy to deliver solutions without bogging you down with the technical details.

eevolve your vision

Whether your company is growing quickly, or you’re reading this from a laptop on a stack of moving boxes in your brand new office space, eevolveIT will help you achieve and succeed. With over three decades of combined knowledge in IT, operations, design, and infrastructure, our staff is uniquely equipped and ready for anything you can throw at us.

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